Event organisation is like creating an haute couture dress, the wearer\'s personality shines through the harmony of the design. To make an event "the Event" which is appropriate for you, it is essential that we get the cut and the style just right in order to show you in the light in which you wish to be seen. Once we are sure of having understood your requirements, identified your objectives and focused on the result to be accomplished, only then we can come forward with the right style for you. This is our great passion: the constant search for the finest materials available in Italy. Of course our attention is caught first by the imperial purples of Rome, the princely silks of Venice and the heavy brocades of Florence. Precious, exclusive and costly fabrics, known throughout the world. But there are other sumptuous silks, linens and velvets rich in history, which are less well known or completely unheard of by many. And it is here that our in-depth knowledge of our country emerges. We never tire of scenery, from the deep blue of its coastline to the rich green countryside of its heart, Umbria. You could come to Italy a hundred times and discover a hundred of its many facets, sure in the knowledge that hundreds more are waiting to be discovered. There will always be a corner somewhere that is just the right setting for your event, be it for ten guests or a thousand. It could be a hill top down in the rolling Tuscan hills or a terrace in Sicily with views of Mount Etna one way and the sea the other. An 18th century lakeside villa framed by azaleas or even a picturesque fishing village on the "Gulf of the Poets". These are only a few suggestions we can offer. This is the real Italy, which for us holds no secrets, and as Italians with a passion for our country, we are proud to help you discover it.